Achieve more by getting your education abroad!

Does education abroad seem to be a long and difficult process? We offer a unique program that will save both time and money, and get a double result. You will study business administration in two leading European universities – CZU in Prague and LSBU in London. In addition to a high-quality study program, this is also a chance to see Europe and even participate in foreign internship programs of university partners.

Double Degree Czech Republic + UK

2 years in Prague + 1 year in London

Do not waste time and get a double diploma in “Business Administration”, spending only three years on your study proces. The first two years you will at the center of European culture – Prague, at the prestigious University of CZU, and the last year – in London, at LSBU University. Graduates of these universities are extremely in demand both in employment at home and abroad.

United Kingdom

Is a world leader in education

British universities are setting standards for the quality of education around the world – accordingly, a bachelor’s degree you get is recognized almost everywhere. The curriculum here is shorter than in the CIS countries, so the cost you spend in total is lower. Due to intensive programs, students quickly acquire professional knowledge and receive diplomas faster. This allows you to integrate into the labor market and start earning your first salary as soon as possible. For most international students, medical care in the UK is free.

The benefits

of European education

London South Bank University takes 78th place according to the version of “Guardian Ranking”, the national rating of Great Britain, where the criteria of career prospects of graduates and the level of teaching are evaluated. LSBU has twice been named “University of the Year for Graduate Employment” according to The Times. 89% of students subsequently found work in field with a starting salary well above the average in the UK.

The main advantages of the program:

  • Accommodation. Affordable prices and convenient location just in 10 min walking to the university.

  • Employment. LSBU supports students in finding a job, offering career opportunities, internships, interviewing techniques, and more.

  • Scholarships. An opportunity to apply and receive up to 4,000 British pounds per year.

  • Networking. Events from the university aimed at the professional development of students, where you meet leading experts in your field.

  • Location of universities. In Prague and London - are places of European culture concentration.

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University facilities

LSBU Accommodation


1st year of studying from 6 500 EUR
2nd year of studying from 6 500 EUR
3d year of studying from 16 900 GBP

(in LSBU + CULS)

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Double Degree

2 years in the Czech Republic + 1 year in UK

Studying with the double diploma program, you receive not only a “Business Administration” diploma and expand your future career opportunities abroad, but also save up to 70% of the cost of training!
By paying for the entire year of study at LSBU, you will receive a diploma equal to studying in both universities – CZU in Prague and LSBU in London. In addition, you will save expenses living in Prague, because in the Czech Republic one of the lowest prices in the EU. Add here more student discounts and possible scholarships.


The main advantages of the program:

  • Saving time: in just 3 or 4 years you will receive two diplomas in two different specialties in the Czech Republic and Great Britain.

  • Saving money: two years spent in the Czech Republic can save you up to 70% of your tuition and living expenses (compared to similar expenses in London).

  • You can not only enjoy the atmosphere of one of the most beautiful cities in Europe – Prague, but also travel throughout Europe. Also, you have the opportunity to spend an unforgettable time inLondon and experience the new culture of Great Britain.

  • Learn 2 foreign languages: university studies are in English and living in the Czech Republic will help you to learn Czech.

  • Excellent employment statistics. After receiving a diploma in Great Britain, 93% of graduates find a job within six months.


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