An education that guarantees you success!

The combination of European and American education will allow you to gain unique knowledge and experience, to easily find a job in any country in the world or to start your own business. Spend your best student years in two famous cities: Prague and San Francisco on two different continents: Europe and America. At the end of study you will receive two specializations at once: “Business Administration” and “Management and Entrepreneurship”, which harmoniously combine with each other.

Double Degree Czech Republic + USA

Spend two amazing years studying European management in fabulous Prague and 1 or 2 years studying management and entrepreneurship in sunny San Francisco.

San Francisco

Country of opportunity

The United States is one of the leading countries in the world economy, the leader in socio-economic sector and the only world’s remaining superpower on the planet.

Education in the United States is a great start for the future, an opportunity to learn the culture of the country and get quality knowledge. Students from all over the world come here to get an internationally recognized diploma and build a successful career.

World Class

American Education

Lincoln University – a private university, was established in 1919 in San Francisco, is accredited by ACICS and CHEA. The LU is included in the TOP-3 universities with the quality programs in the field of business according to the San Francisco Business Times.

  • CULS and LU diplomas are recognized worldwide and highly valued by employers.

  • From the first year of study, students can undergo internships in Europe or other countries of the world.

  • During the study you can participate in exchange programs such as Erasmus, Erasmus +, Erasmus Mundus, IAMONET and get the experience of living in another country for an entire semester.

  • Employees of large global corporations conduct seminars and lectures for Lincoln University students on personnel management and business planning.

  • While studying at Lincoln University, the student has the opportunity to continue his education for another year without additional payment to the university.

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University Structure

University Structure

The university was established in 1919, at the same time as the most famous universities of America. Students from all over the world have been studying here for a century, gaining the best theoretical knowledge and practical skills from highly qualified professors. The university specializes in business, finance and management education.

Students Life

Students Life

The LU Student Council is actively involved in the work of the university, whose main mission is to help students grow and develop culturally, intellectually and physically. Student clubs and sports teams work here for this purpose. Also, the student council together with the dean helps students with the search for job, internships and different student exchange programs.


1st year of studying from 6 500 EUR
2nd year of studying from 6 500 EUR
3d year of studying from 25000 USD

(in LSBU + CULS)

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Double Degree

2 years in the Czech Republic + 1 year in the USA

Two diplomas from two different countries will increase the competitive advantage of your professional resume and give it international value. The program structure is made in such a way that you will spend the first 2 years in Prague, studying in English at the largest State University CULS in the Faculty of Economics and Management with a degree in Business Administration. The third year of study takes place in person in the USA, in the city of San Francisco in English, at the faculty of Management and Entrepreneurship in the specialty Arts in Business Administration.

The main advantages of the program:

  • Saving time: in just 3 or 4 years you will receive two diplomas and two different specialties in the Czech Republic and the USA.

  • Saving money: two years spent in the Czech Republic will help you to save up to 80% of your tuition and living expenses (compared to similar expenses in the USA).

  • Experience in learning and living in two different countries of the world. Studying in-person in two countries, you can study the different culture, mentality and history, compare what is closer to you and make your choice.

  • Practice of foreign languages. For three years you can learn at least two languages at a high level: English and Czech.

  • High competitiveness and the ability to work in the best corporations in the world.

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