Lincoln University

If you’ve been dreaming of the Californian coastline, palm-fringed life under the bright sun and warm ocean, then pursuing a higher education program in the United States is your choice!

The International Youth Union cooperates with one of the best universities on the west coast – Lincoln University (LU). This private university is located in Auckland and is distinguished by an individual approach to each student, due to a strong teaching staff and a limited number of places for admission (about 500 students study at the university).

The university opened its doors in 1919 and has since offered the best undergraduate programs in arts and business administration, in diagnostic medical imaging; master’s and doctoral studies in business administration, master’s in international business studies and many other programs. Students expect a rich educational and social life, a huge number of themed parties, interest clubs, seminars and lectures by famous speakers. Of course, the training is conducted in English, which will allow you to improve your speaking and writing skills to the highest level in just one year.

Lincoln University also has strong sports programs, for example: you can get into the basketball or American football team and receive a grant to continue your studies, or be noticed by a sports scout, of which there are quite a lot in California. As Ronald McDonald said: “In order to succeed, you need to be at the right time in the right place” and it’s safe to say that LU is in the right place. In addition to an excellent education of the highest quality, you will have the opportunity to make friends with students from all over the world and create strong friendships with the most successful, ambitious and talented young people.