Canada West

Our Double Degree program aims to ensure that in just three years of study you receive two full-fledged diplomas from two universities – in the Czech Republic and in Canada. Thus, by the time you graduate, you will be an expert in two areas and gain a serious advantage in finding a job, compared to your competitors.

We cooperate with the most prestigious universities providing high-level education with applied knowledge and internship opportunities in the largest companies. A graduate of such a university enters the labor exchange with a clear understanding of what position he would like to occupy. Your diploma should be not just proof that you spent several years of your life within the walls of a higher educational institution, but a guarantee of your stable future with high wages.

University Canada West (UCW), located in Vancouver, was named the best Canadian university in 2021 among universities providing online education during the pandemic, and was also awarded the highest score according to QR Stars – a system for assessing the quality of higher education and a world ranking universities. UCW guarantees its graduates employment within six months of graduation. You can earn a Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Arts in business communications or Associate of arts degree. The university also provides an opportunity to get an MBA (Master of Business Administration).

The university is fully equipped to provide the best technical opportunities for learning and unlike many other universities that have not been able to adapt to the realities of the modern world, University Canada West has not only created a stable and high-quality online learning system, but has also been able to become the best in its field.

Students from 90 countries of the world study at the university, which will allow you to significantly expand your cultural horizons, create a strong network of acquaintances with people with different backgrounds and, of course, bring your level of English to perfection.