Vancouver local trails

Where to go in Vancouver? Any guidebook suggests visiting the Anthropology Museum, the World of Science interactive museum, the art gallery, the central library, and many similar establishments. But the hallmark of Vancouver is the seaport, historic parks and picturesque mountain landscapes. Below we offer routes that will pave the way to the heart of everyone along the local paths.

Walking across the Centenary Suspension Bridge in Lynn Canyon City Park is an exciting and interesting adventure. The park consists of branching rainforest, cliffs, transitional trails of varying length and difficulty. The vegetation and wildlife in this park varies greatly due to the elevation change. The area is home to many wildlife such as black bears, black-tailed deer, Douglas squirrels. For safety reasons, fences and restrictions have been installed along the entire route.

Lighthouse Park is located in the west of Vancouver. This park will captivate with its beauty, because it is a rainforest with centuries-old trees. There is an ancient lighthouse, picturesque viewing platforms, marked trails. The park is also suitable for lovers of rock climbing, as it has many suitable places.

If you want to watch the most beautiful Vancouver sunset or meet the sunrise, go to Iona Jetty – a four-kilometer path that goes into the bay. It is a spit from a sea island to the Gulf of Georgia. Vancouver airport planes fly over it, a 360 ° panorama of the sky and mountains opens up.

If you like hiking, we recommend visiting the 16 km route – the peaks of Layon. These two peaks are visible from Vancouver and beckon with their beauty. The route is difficult (5 out of 5), because the ascent level is 1300 m. But the views that open from the peaks are simply breathtaking in beauty, they are incredible. You’ll see panoramic views of the Capilano Reservoir that descends straight down to Vancouver.

Above, we talked about only some of the sights of the city, because in order to visit everything, one weekend is not enough. Walk along local trails, see numerous parks, hiking, beaches, mountains, islands, piers with your own eyes – these places will tell more about Vancouver than we do.