Double Degree Czech Republic + Switzerland! 2 bachelor degrees in 3 years!

Two Bachelor Degrees in three years! Two European degrees in three years! The best education is now available for everyone: a unique Double Degree program «Czech Republic + Switzerland»! Become an international specialist in Business Administration and International Business in Hotel & Tourism Management!

Double Degree is an opportunity to:

  • Spend the first two years of study in one of the most visited cities in the world – Prague!
  • Study in one of the most beautiful places on earth – the Swiss Alps! In one of the best universities in Hotel & Tourism Management – Cezar Ritz Colleges.
  • Get a guaranteed paid internship with a salary of 2,100 euros/month under the leadership of the best professionals in Hotel & Tourism Management.
  • Gain relevant work experience in the world’s best hotels and learn how interesting and entertaining the management process is.
  • Get a unique experience in communicating with students worldwide and establish business relationships in the hospitality industry.
  • Learn at least three foreign languages ​​and practice them with native speakers during studying and internship.
  • Get two degrees in Business Administration and International Business in Hotel & Tourism Management and save time and up to 70% of your money!

100% of graduates find work right after graduation and build a successful career!