Double Degree Czech Republic + Switzerland! Not a dream – new reality!

Do you see yourself having 2 degrees, a chance to live in 2 countries and visit many European cities? Speaking two or more foreign languages, getting new acquittances worldwide, and, most importantly, being in demand and competitive? Is it a Dream or Future Reality?

The International Union of Youth provides an opportunity for its implementation! We have developed a unique Double Degree «Czech Republic + Switzerland» program. In 3 years you will get 2 degrees in: «Business Administration», Prague (Czech Republic) and «International Hotel Management», Montreaux (Switzerland).

What advantages does this program provide?

  • Program is taught in English, which makes it possible to master the language and have a competitive advantage over other applicants;
  • Prague is one of the most international cities in Europe and provides an excellent opportunity to practice Czech, English, Spanish, German and other world languages;
  • Delightful resort town Montreux on the eastern shore of Lake Geneva is a true jewel of the Swiss Riviera. Snowy Alps, jazz festivals, cosy coffee shops and luxury hotels await you;
  • Prague and Montreux encourage you to immerse in the peculiarities of the culture of different countries;
  • Convenient geographical location of the Czech Republic and Switzerland opens all the borders for an unforgettable travel in Europe;
  • While studying, all students are guaranteed the opportunity to undergo a paid internship and gain relevant work experience in prominent international organizations, the best hotels and business projects with a strong reputation;
  • Participation in international job fairs;
  • Saving up to 70% on tuition for two years of study in the Czech Republic and a year in Switzerland.

Membership in the Swiss Education Group: Hotel Institute Montreux is a member of the best Swiss hospitality schools whose graduates demand worldwide.