Swiss Hotel Management School

If you have always dreamed of working in business and believe that the best way of learning is learning by doing, then Swiss Hotel Management School is your ideal school! SHMS is ranked as the fourth most successful and up-and-coming higher education institution in the hospitality industry.

The school combines centuries-old Swiss traditions with a modern approach to teaching students using future technologies and methods. Students from all over the world come to French-speaking Switzerland to learn by real example how to organize all internal processes not only in hotels, but also in restaurants and spa complexes, to arrange events, parties, important business meetings and dinners. Swiss Hotel Management School students are not just students sitting behind a desk – not at all! They are ambitious young people who are ready to get involved from the very first semester and by the time they graduate they are ready to be experts – the best in their field.

More than 97% of students have multiple job offers by their third year, so when they graduate, they can rest assured that they will be employed in a good position with a high salary. This is because students will be in direct contact with the leaders of large companies during their studies, and future employers will be able to see promising graduates first-hand.

And, of course, the learning process itself is sheer fun! It includes living in a luxury campus on the banks of Lake Geneva, socializing with students from over 90 countries every day, skiing and snowboarding, attending the best concerts and festivals and travelling to nearby countries at weekends or on holiday! If a perfect student life really exists, it’s in Swiss Hotel Management School.