Things you didn’t know about Germany

Living in Germany may seem like a fairy tale from the outside: famous musical, film and beer festivals, stunning architecture, unbelievable views, mild and soft climate and well-known German quality. And in reality it is a fairy tale! Germany is one of the countries emigrants consider for living in the first place.

As any place Germany has its unique cultural characteristics. For example, Germans are well-known as law-abiding, punctual, rational and hard-working people who prefer to see around people with similar values and style of life especially to immigrants and students.

What makes life in Germany so special?

First of all, Germany is well-known by very high standards of living: everything is aimed to make citizen’s life save, calm and comfortable. Germans value stability and government gives people opportunity not to be worries of tomorrow thanks to sound economic management. All changes are gratefully supported by residents and all modernisations level up country on world politician arena.

Sounds idilic and mostly it is despite some diffeculties could appear. Integrated approach and friendly environment help to find right decisions and cope with difficulties.

Let’s not forget about healthy German pedantry helping keep everything in order: clean streets, equipped playgrounds and well-established rules of behavior in society.

One more positive moment – studying in Germany in state universities is free for everyone who knows language at a decent level.

Advantages of living in Germany:

  • Safety and high standards of living;
  • Positive environmental situation;
  • Good prices for groceries and clothes;
  • Friendly and welcoming society;

Best cities to live in Germany

Everyone’s requests for perfect city is different and you definitely should choose what suits you better but there are still some objective demands for comfortable living space.

Munich is a beautiful Bavarian city with highest salaries and great career opportunities but thereby higher rent prices and communal costs.

Hamburg is a German’s industrial center. City is defined by developed infrastructure and transport connection (including marine transport) and here you could easily build successful career.

Dresden is well known by lower rent prices and developed entertainment industry. The city is one of the most comfortable for living and in Dresden always take place major cultural events.

Frankfurt am Main is German’s educational center, here are located the big state universities and research and development centers. City distinguished by soft and mild climate higher salaries and lack of difficulties in job searching.