Dive into California Traditions: Art, Nature and the Free Spirit

California is not only one of the most famous states in America, but also a place where diverse cultures and traditions converge. This state, located on the west coast of the United States, has a rich historical past and cultural heritage. In this blog, we dive into California’s exciting traditions and discover what makes this state truly unique.

Gold Rush and Historical Legacy:

California has a rich history of the gold rush, which attracted many adventurers in the 19th century. It was here that the famous gold rush of 1849 began, which shaped the character and culture of the state. You can visit cities like Sacramento and San Francisco to learn more about that era and feel the atmosphere of the distant past.

Hippie movement and free spirit:

In the 1960s, California became the birthplace of the hippie movement, which became a symbol of freedom, love and protest against the norms. The city of San Francisco and the Haight-Ashbury area became the epicenter of this culture, and still inspire the youth of the world. Visit “Golden Gate Park” or “Gastro Street” and feel the true spirit of freedom and tolerance.

Art and Variety:

California is known for its diversity of cultures and arts. Hollywood is the world capital of the film industry, where legendary films are shot and new stars are born. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Hollywood Boulevard to see the Celebrity Walk and get in the mood of famous California. In the city of Los Angeles, you can also visit many museums and galleries to enjoy works of art from various directions.

Surfing and beach culture:

With its stunning coastline and perfect waves, California has become a surfer’s paradise. The Santa Cruz Coast, Laguna Beach and Malibu attract extreme sports enthusiasts from all over the world. Head to the beach, rent a board and try your hand at surfing, or simply enjoy the serene atmosphere of the sandy beaches.

California is also known for its wine regions such as Napa and Sonoma. You can go on a wine tour, visit wineries and taste different types of wine. California gastronomy is top notch, offering a variety of flavors and dishes, from seafood to organic to fusion cuisine.

National parks and natural beauties:

California is famous for its stunning national parks such as Yosemite, Sequoia and Death Valley. During your visit you will enjoy magnificent scenery, majestic mountains, waterfalls and unique flora and fauna. This is the perfect place for nature and adventure lovers.

California traditions embody the spirit of freedom, creativity and diversity. From historical heritage to contemporary culture and art, from surfing to winemaking, from beaches to national parks, California offers an unforgettable experience for every traveler. Immerse yourself in the traditions of this beautiful state and discover its unique charm.

Switzerland: all about tourism business

Switzerland is one of the most beautiful and popular travel destinations in the world. This small country is located in the heart of Europe and is known for its beautiful scenery – mountains, crystal clear lakes, as well as historical cities that captivate tourists from all over the world.

The tourism business in Switzerland is very developed and offers many options for recreation and entertainment. Here are some of them:

Ski resorts

Switzerland is famous for its mountain slopes and excellent ski resorts. In winter, tourists come here to ski and snowboard, enjoy the beautiful scenery and plunge into the atmosphere of a winter holiday.

City tours

Switzerland is known for its beautiful cities such as Zurich, Geneva, Bern and Lucerne. Tourists can go on a tour of the cities, visit museums, galleries and get acquainted with the local culture and history.

Cruises on the lakes

Switzerland has many beautiful lakes including Lake Geneva, Lake Zurich and Lake Lucerne. Tourists can go on a cruise on the lakes, enjoy the beautiful scenery and visit the small towns that are located on the shores of the lakes.

Hiking in the mountains

Switzerland is famous for its mountain scenery, and hiking in the mountains is one of the most popular activities for tourists. There are many routes for different levels of training, and each tourist can choose the right route for himself.

Events and festivals

Switzerland hosts many events and festivals throughout the year. For example, Zurich hosts an annual street food festival, Geneva hosts a film festival, and Lucerne hosts a classical music festival. Tourists can visit these events and enjoy the holiday atmosphere.

Medical resorts

Switzerland is known for its healing resorts, which offer a variety of therapies, including hydrotherapy, thalassotherapy and mud therapy. This is a great way to relax and improve your health while on vacation.

Restaurants and cafes

Switzerland is famous for its cuisine and tourists can enjoy a variety of restaurants and cafes where they can taste local food and drinks. In addition, Switzerland has many local farmers’ markets where you can buy fresh produce and learn more about the local culture.

The tourism business in Switzerland is very diverse and offers many options for different types of holidays. However, Switzerland is not the cheapest country to travel to and tourists should be prepared to spend more than in other countries. But it’s worth it to enjoy the natural beauty and culture of this amazing country.

Best Universities in Canada: University Canada West

Canada is one of the best countries for higher education. With over 100 universities in the country, choosing the right one can be a daunting task. In this blog, we will take a look at University Canada West – one of the best universities in Canada.

University Canada West (UCW) was founded in 2004 and today is one of the most prestigious universities in Canada. The university is located in Vancouver, British Columbia and offers high quality business and management education.

UCW’s undergraduate and graduate programs are accredited in Canada, which means that students receive a recognized diploma that can be used for a further career or further education. Education at UCW is conducted in English, so students from around the world can join the global community and expand their knowledge and skills.

One of the advantages of UCW is the small size of the classes. Classes at the university rarely exceed 20 students, which allows teachers to provide individual attention and approach to each student. It also creates a favorable environment for communication and knowledge sharing between students.

Study programs at UCW cover a wide range of topics, including business analysis, digital marketing, hospitality and tourism, logistics and supply, international business, accounting, and more. All programs are designed to provide students with the specific knowledge and skills needed for career advancement in today’s business.

In addition, UCW provides students with many opportunities for practical application of knowledge, including joint projects with companies and organizations, internships and exchange programs. Such skills help students to strengthen their theoretical knowledge in practice and gain valuable experience in real conditions.

In addition, UCW pays special attention to the development of leadership skills in students. As part of the Leadership & Teamwork program, students learn to work in a team, make decisions and solve problems. These skills are especially important for future leaders in today’s business.

Like many other universities in Canada, UCW also provides students with the opportunity to receive financial assistance in the form of scholarships and grants. This may be especially important for international students, who may face additional costs for accommodation and study materials.

All in all, University Canada West is an excellent choice for those seeking a high quality business and management education. In small classes, with a wide range of study programs and many opportunities for practical experience, UCW prepares its students for successful careers in today’s business.

Choosing the 5 best universities in the UK

Choosing a university is a serious and responsible decision that can affect your future career and success in life. There are many prestigious and quality universities in the UK, and choosing the best ones is not easy. In this blog, we will tell you about five universities that are considered the best in the UK.

  1. University of Cambridge (University of Cambridge)

The University of Cambridge is one of the most prestigious universities in the world and is ranked number one in the UK. It was founded in 1209 and has a rich history and cultural heritage. The University of Cambridge offers degree programs in a variety of fields including the arts, sciences, engineering, law, medicine and technology.

  1. University of Oxford (University of Oxford)

The University of Oxford is the most prestigious university in the UK and second in the world after Harvard University. It was founded in 1096 and has a rich history, cultural heritage and a high level of teaching. The University of Oxford offers educational programs in various fields, including arts, sciences, engineering, law, medicine and technology.

  1. London University College (Imperial College London)

University College London is one of the most prestigious technical universities in the world and is highly ranked in science, engineering and medicine. It was founded in 1907 and offers educational programs in various fields, including physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology, computer science, engineering, medicine, and business.

  1. University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh is one of the most prestigious universities in the world and is highly ranked in science, engineering, medicine, arts and humanities. It was founded in 1583 and is one of the oldest universities in the UK. The University of Edinburgh offers educational programs in various fields, including physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology, computer science, engineering, medicine, law and art.

  1. London South Bank University

LSBU is a university in London that was founded in 1892 and has since become one of the leading universities in the UK. LSBU has many undergraduate and graduate programs in areas such as business, engineering, health sciences, social sciences, art and design. The university also offers a wide range of courses ranging from a few weeks to a year, which can be taken as part of an exchange or internship program. One of the key features of LSBU is its focus on hands-on learning and the real world. The university has strong links with many companies and organizations, which allows students to gain valuable work experience in practice, and also helps them find work after graduation.

Overall, LSBU is an attractive choice for students looking for a university with a strong focus on hands-on learning, openness and inclusiveness.
The choice of the best university depends on your interests, specialization and personal preferences. However, these five universities that we reviewed in this blog represent the best universities in the UK that provide a high quality education and rich experience for their students.

Why is Business Administration important?

In this blog, we will answer the most frequently asked questions of applicants and their parents. Why it is worth choosing the profession of business administration, and what prospects await the student – we will tell about everything below.

What is Business Administration? The specialty implies the management activities of economic organizations in a dynamic market.

What gives this specialty? Business administration gives the right to competently manage a business in an unstable market situation, when it is necessary to quickly resolve issues and dynamically adjust plans. The operational management of the organization is the planning of tactics and strategies, supply, production, marketing, financing, control of the rational use of investment, development of business plans for investment projects.

What qualifications will my child receive after graduation, what will he or she be? After passing the state exam and receiving a diploma, the student is awarded the qualification “Manager-Economist”.

What are the responsibilities of a specialist in the position of a manager with an economic education? A specialist in this field must have deep theoretical knowledge, the ability to think logically and systematize models of certain production processes.

The job description most often reflects the following responsibilities: solving organizational problems and problems, personnel management, owning the lever of economic management, ensuring business administration of business entities, entrepreneurs in various fields, developing and implementing marketing tactics and strategies, implementing planning, design and forecasting.

What are the prospects after graduation? The specialty “Business Administration” allows you to become successful managers, competent business leaders in various fields, as well as carry out activities for auditing enterprises. Highly qualified specialists, especially those with international education and experience in obtaining practical knowledge, are in great demand in the labor market. Workers in the field of business administration are considered top-level professionals and are highly paid employees.

The profession “Business Administration” in the global labor market is a specialty of the new time. Getting a quality education is important for the formation of professional competencies of a manager: deep theoretical knowledge and diverse practical experience. The choice of country and educational institution is yours!

Prospects for the specialty Entrepreneurship and trade

In the modern world, entrepreneurial activity is the most popular area of work among young people. The specialty opens up prospects for organizing and running a successful business, both for your own and for an employee in employment. So, for example, the specialty of commercial entrepreneurship is included in the list of the most demanded professions in the world.

During the training period, students receive knowledge in various specialized disciplines, including: management and marketing, economic theory, political economy, enterprise economics, statistics, accounting, labor relations, innovative entrepreneurship. During the training, much attention is paid not only to the theoretical part, but also to the practical orientation. Educational institutions organize on-site classes, meetings with practitioners who have tools and methods in the field of management and expert consulting.

The knowledge gained during the training makes it possible to understand the meaning of a market economy, the systematic functioning and development of the economy of different countries, the methods and ways of using limited economic opportunities. You can easily conduct research, assess achievements and risks in the business field, make effective management decisions and be responsible for them. The acquired skills will help predict changes in the factors of the financial development of the object.

Obtaining an education in the specialty of commercial entrepreneurship gives the right to hold a wide range of positions: sales manager, sales representative, retail specialist, merchandiser, head of marketing department, financial operations dealer, financial operations broker, specialist in the department for studying demand and market conditions, trade market analyst , market expansion specialist, economist (including in international companies), head of departments in commercial services. There will always be vacancies in the labor market for a specialist who solves problems in entrepreneurial, trading and exchange activities in the field of management and administration.

After graduation, graduates will have sufficient knowledge and skills for the organizational and economic innovations of entrepreneurship that will allow them to compete in the business field.

Traditions of London: local flavor of life

Each country is famous for the diversity of its culture. Today we offer to get acquainted with the traditions of London.

On November 5, the streets of London are crowded, many children ask passers-by to give them coins “For Guy”. Money is needed to buy firecrackers and fireworks. One favorite ancient tradition of the locals is Guy Fawkes Night. The tradition is dedicated to the event when a group of Catholic conspirators wanted to set fire to and blow up the Houses of Parliament in London in 1605, but the plans failed. At the celebration, it is customary to burn fires and launch fireworks as a symbol of the burning of Guy Fawkes. Actors show performances on the streets of the city, stage the arrest of intruders. Every year on this day, the guards of the current Parliament building conduct a traditional ritual of searching the premises in order to detect arsonists. In the evening, a costume parade is held in ancient costumes with firecrackers, torches and an effigy of the leader Guy. At the end of the day – a large-scale fire near the Parliament building and a big fireworks display.

A series of interesting customs developed around St. Patrick’s Day. March 17 is a holiday in the country, it is celebrated in honor of the patron saint of Ireland. According to legend, Patrick brought Christianity to the lands of Ireland and expelled snakes from the island. On this day, the streets of London are decorated with green shamrocks, residents dress up in bright green outfits. It is considered an obligatory tradition to drain the clover or, in other words, to drink a glass of Patrick. You need to put a clover leaf on the bottom of the glass and drink a glass of ale or whiskey. After that, the clover must be thrown over the left shoulder for good luck. Celebrations in London are held in Trafalgar Square.

One of the modern traditions is considered to be the celebration of the Chinese New Year in London. The date of the celebration is variable, January-February, it corresponds to the lunar calendar. The cultural program consists of a costumed procession-parade, musical concerts and performances, dances, fireworks.

Vancouver local trails

Where to go in Vancouver? Any guidebook suggests visiting the Anthropology Museum, the World of Science interactive museum, the art gallery, the central library, and many similar establishments. But the hallmark of Vancouver is the seaport, historic parks and picturesque mountain landscapes. Below we offer routes that will pave the way to the heart of everyone along the local paths.

Walking across the Centenary Suspension Bridge in Lynn Canyon City Park is an exciting and interesting adventure. The park consists of branching rainforest, cliffs, transitional trails of varying length and difficulty. The vegetation and wildlife in this park varies greatly due to the elevation change. The area is home to many wildlife such as black bears, black-tailed deer, Douglas squirrels. For safety reasons, fences and restrictions have been installed along the entire route.

Lighthouse Park is located in the west of Vancouver. This park will captivate with its beauty, because it is a rainforest with centuries-old trees. There is an ancient lighthouse, picturesque viewing platforms, marked trails. The park is also suitable for lovers of rock climbing, as it has many suitable places.

If you want to watch the most beautiful Vancouver sunset or meet the sunrise, go to Iona Jetty – a four-kilometer path that goes into the bay. It is a spit from a sea island to the Gulf of Georgia. Vancouver airport planes fly over it, a 360 ° panorama of the sky and mountains opens up.

If you like hiking, we recommend visiting the 16 km route – the peaks of Layon. These two peaks are visible from Vancouver and beckon with their beauty. The route is difficult (5 out of 5), because the ascent level is 1300 m. But the views that open from the peaks are simply breathtaking in beauty, they are incredible. You’ll see panoramic views of the Capilano Reservoir that descends straight down to Vancouver.

Above, we talked about only some of the sights of the city, because in order to visit everything, one weekend is not enough. Walk along local trails, see numerous parks, hiking, beaches, mountains, islands, piers with your own eyes – these places will tell more about Vancouver than we do.

International University of Applied Sciences

International University of Applied Sciences is one of the leading German universities. He received 5 stars in the ranking and scored 99 out of 100 possible points according to QS Stars – a system for assessing the quality of higher education and world university rankings. This is the first university in Germany that has managed to receive such a high rating. The university is officially named as the best educational institution not only for obtaining a quality education, but also for gaining incredible life experience, because it contains all the best qualities of top foreign universities.

Here you can study IT technologies, business and management, marketing and communications, pedagogy and psychology, law and HR, design and media, tourism and hospitality. In other words, it is difficult to find an area that this university does not cover. Also, after graduation, you can get an MBI, which will positively affect your career advancement.

Students who graduate from the International University of Applied Sciences are 20 percent more likely to receive job offers than graduates from other universities. The university offers both offline and online education, which is especially important given the global situation. It is ideal for students who want to get real work experience in their chosen specialty in the early stages of their studies, without waiting for graduation. A flexible class schedule will allow you to easily earn extra money and take internships, and an individual approach to each student – something that private universities can boast of – will help you avoid stressful situations and allow you to concentrate as much as possible on obtaining the necessary knowledge.

The University of Applied Sciences has more than 10,000 partners who actively participate in practical classes, arrange special lectures and master classes. In 2021, the university received an award as the best in distance learning: students and graduates showed the highest results, regardless of the location in which they were at the time of study. This indicates a high-quality structured education system, the ability of the university administration and teaching staff to quickly adapt to new circumstances.

London South Bank University

What if we told you that it is possible to get an excellent higher education abroad, study in a foreign language and live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world? It sounds like a dream, but it is quite real if you choose the Double Degree program and learn by personal example what it means to spend three years of your study life in two different countries – in the Czech Republic and in the UK, in two beautiful capitals peace in Prague and London.

London South Bank University is a young and promising university that offers the best education in finance, business administration and banking. You will also have access to subjects such as criminology, fashion history, production and media, photography, journalism and graphic design in computer games. Sounds like the perfect college, doesn’t it?

All faculties are not aimed at stamping out unnecessary professions, but at creating valuable specialists in areas that are relevant and in demand right now. It is a career-focused university that aims to prepare students for real life through numerous internships at major companies, interview success training, and a great location. London is the financial capital of the world, it is here that the largest investment firms are located, and it is here that all young professionals who aspire to move up the career ladder and by the age of thirty have a positive credit history, high wages and the opportunity to buy their own home dream of being, even in London. All lectures and practical classes are created taking into account the actualization of knowledge in a constantly changing professional world and are very different from the education that most Russian-speaking students are used to, because you will not spend a minute of your time studying disciplines that will not be useful to you.

Lincoln University

If you’ve been dreaming of the Californian coastline, palm-fringed life under the bright sun and warm ocean, then pursuing a higher education program in the United States is your choice!

The International Youth Union cooperates with one of the best universities on the west coast – Lincoln University (LU). This private university is located in Auckland and is distinguished by an individual approach to each student, due to a strong teaching staff and a limited number of places for admission (about 500 students study at the university).

The university opened its doors in 1919 and has since offered the best undergraduate programs in arts and business administration, in diagnostic medical imaging; master’s and doctoral studies in business administration, master’s in international business studies and many other programs. Students expect a rich educational and social life, a huge number of themed parties, interest clubs, seminars and lectures by famous speakers. Of course, the training is conducted in English, which will allow you to improve your speaking and writing skills to the highest level in just one year.

Lincoln University also has strong sports programs, for example: you can get into the basketball or American football team and receive a grant to continue your studies, or be noticed by a sports scout, of which there are quite a lot in California. As Ronald McDonald said: “In order to succeed, you need to be at the right time in the right place” and it’s safe to say that LU is in the right place. In addition to an excellent education of the highest quality, you will have the opportunity to make friends with students from all over the world and create strong friendships with the most successful, ambitious and talented young people.

Canada West

Our Double Degree program aims to ensure that in just three years of study you receive two full-fledged diplomas from two universities – in the Czech Republic and in Canada. Thus, by the time you graduate, you will be an expert in two areas and gain a serious advantage in finding a job, compared to your competitors.

We cooperate with the most prestigious universities providing high-level education with applied knowledge and internship opportunities in the largest companies. A graduate of such a university enters the labor exchange with a clear understanding of what position he would like to occupy. Your diploma should be not just proof that you spent several years of your life within the walls of a higher educational institution, but a guarantee of your stable future with high wages.

University Canada West (UCW), located in Vancouver, was named the best Canadian university in 2021 among universities providing online education during the pandemic, and was also awarded the highest score according to QR Stars – a system for assessing the quality of higher education and a world ranking universities. UCW guarantees its graduates employment within six months of graduation. You can earn a Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Arts in business communications or Associate of arts degree. The university also provides an opportunity to get an MBA (Master of Business Administration).

The university is fully equipped to provide the best technical opportunities for learning and unlike many other universities that have not been able to adapt to the realities of the modern world, University Canada West has not only created a stable and high-quality online learning system, but has also been able to become the best in its field.

Students from 90 countries of the world study at the university, which will allow you to significantly expand your cultural horizons, create a strong network of acquaintances with people with different backgrounds and, of course, bring your level of English to perfection.

Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland

If there is an art whose importance simply cannot be overestimated, then it is definitely a culinary art. Food is an absolutely irreplaceable part of our life, and the ability to turn even such a trivial event as a meal into a real holiday is not an art ?!

For those who have decided that cooking is what they need to devote their lives to, we have found the ideal educational institution – Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland. Their motto – “Passion for food, Career for life” – perfectly reflects the essence of education.

The Academy campuses are located in Switzerland in three different cities – Lucerne, Brigge and Le Bauvere. You can earn a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, and further education in highly specialized programs such as the Art of Vegetarian Cooking, the Grand Graduate Diploma in Cooking, and the Chocolatier Diploma.

The Academy ranks 1st among educational institutions in the field of culinary arts in Switzerland and 8th in the world ranking of the best universities in the field of hospitality. Students from all over the world come here to fulfill their dreams, and by the end of their studies, 98 percent of graduates have personalized job offers, because one of the main advantages of the Culinary Arts Academy is successfully set up professional connections with the largest restaurants and hotel complexes in the world.

The Academy teachers have worked in the best Michelin-starred restaurants in the world and know everything about the culinary arts! You will have a unique opportunity – to get valuable advice from true masters of their craft, and working side by side with real legendary chefs is not a dream?

Be sure to visit our website for complete information about the best Culinary Academy in Switzerland!

Swiss Hotel Management School

If you have always dreamed of working in business and believe that the best way of learning is learning by doing, then Swiss Hotel Management School is your ideal school! SHMS is ranked as the fourth most successful and up-and-coming higher education institution in the hospitality industry.

The school combines centuries-old Swiss traditions with a modern approach to teaching students using future technologies and methods. Students from all over the world come to French-speaking Switzerland to learn by real example how to organize all internal processes not only in hotels, but also in restaurants and spa complexes, to arrange events, parties, important business meetings and dinners. Swiss Hotel Management School students are not just students sitting behind a desk – not at all! They are ambitious young people who are ready to get involved from the very first semester and by the time they graduate they are ready to be experts – the best in their field.

More than 97% of students have multiple job offers by their third year, so when they graduate, they can rest assured that they will be employed in a good position with a high salary. This is because students will be in direct contact with the leaders of large companies during their studies, and future employers will be able to see promising graduates first-hand.

And, of course, the learning process itself is sheer fun! It includes living in a luxury campus on the banks of Lake Geneva, socializing with students from over 90 countries every day, skiing and snowboarding, attending the best concerts and festivals and travelling to nearby countries at weekends or on holiday! If a perfect student life really exists, it’s in Swiss Hotel Management School.

Swiss Education Group

Switzerland has long been not just a symbol of quality, stability and prosperity, but also a symbol of quality education, which will definitely be a solid foundation for your future successful career. The International Union of Youth cooperates only with the world’s best educational and sporting organisations, and we’re particularly proud of our partnership with one of them, as the Swiss Education Group is an alliance of some of Switzerland’s best private universities, ranked in the top 10 globally.

The Swiss Education Group includes Cesar Ritz Colleges, one of the world’s top business schools, the Culinary Arts Academy – the top Swiss school for culinary arts, the Swiss Hotel Management School and Hotel Institute Montreux – schools ranked 4th and 6th in the global league tables for career development in the hospitality industry.

The hotel business sector offers endless opportunities for those people who love to meet others, travel the world, handle organizational processes and have a strong sense of beauty, and for those who dream of working in the most prestigious and luxurious hotels worldwide! With a good understanding of one of the biggest business sectors and a diploma from a top Swiss university, you are well placed to start your career in a strong position to become an invaluable and irreplaceable expert in your field in a short period of time.

And of course, don’t forget that the learning process itself will be a lot of fun, because you will be studying in one of the most prosperous, financially secure, stable and beautiful countries in the world!

What a dream it is to get a good education for a sustainable future, in a university surrounded by the mountains and on the shores of beautiful Lake Geneva!

5 reasons why Double Degree is your perfect program! Czech University of Life Sciences + Cesar Ritz Colleges (Switzerland)

Over the past few years the Double Degree has become one of the most popular and most requested programs among our applicants. The program helps you to receive 2 full-fledged European diplomas in 3 years of studying and get an experience of living in 2 advanced European countries: 2 years in the Czech Republic and 1 year in Switzerland.

Cezar Ritz Colleges is one of the best business schools in Europe and the undisputed leader in entrepreneurship and hospitality. In the course of training you will get the opportunity to undergo an internship in the best hotel and restaurant complexes in Switzerland since the college campuses take places in three locations: Le Bouveret, Briguet and Lucerne.

In 2 years in Prague you will acquire a foundation of knowledge in the field of business administration and in 1 year in Switzerland you will master the specialty “Management in the hospitality industry and international business”. College graduates hold leading managerial positions, become managers and directors in the best hotels around the world and lecturer at the best educational institutions.

Swiss education is well-known as a guarantor of quality and an excellent starting point for building a successful career. The program “Double Degree: Czech Republic + Switzerland” is an opportunity to get a promising career that will provide you a stable high income, will allow you to travel around the world and meet interesting and successful people!

15 reasons to study the program of the future! ČZU (Czech Republic, Prague) + Westcliff University (USA, Miami)

The most requested program among applicants is a “Double Degree”, which is not surprising! In just 3 years, you will receive 2 full-fledged degrees from top universities – in Europe and North America, though this path usually takes at least 5 years! One of the most successful variations of a Double Degree: ČZU (Czech Republic, Prague) + Westcliff University (USA, Miami)!

Moreover, now we will dwell upon the following reasons.

  • American Degree is a business card for employers around the world. Therefore, its presence will undoubtedly give superiority over other candidates.
  • Westcliff University is a prestigious accredited Private University, where each student is given special attention to help with any questions that appear in the learning process.
  • Miami is one of the most popular resorts in the USA, located directly on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, which means you will have constant access to the legendary vast beaches.
  • For 2 years studying at the ČZU University, students will get the necessary basis of knowledge and skills in Business Administration. Then, in Miami, they will master their skills to excellence.
  • According to statistics, 93% of Westcliff University graduates are happy to recommend it for higher education.
  • The tuition fees at Westcliff University are significantly lower than at other universities with the same high level of education.
  • Staying in the Czech Republic as one of the most affordable countries in Europe for the first 2 years will allow students to considerably reduce their expenses compared to living in the USA for all 3 years.
  • The nickname of Florida is the state of Sunshine, which conforms to reality because there is a hot and sunny climate here.
  • Miami is one of the largest economic centres of the country, where a significant number of big companies are concentrated, and it proves that it will be easy enough to find a job.
  • The education at the ČZU University is conducted in English. It means that students will come to the USA with excellent language skills and knowledge of professional vocabulary.
  • While living in the USA, you will be able to travel all over the country!
  • About 1,500 students from 57 countries enter Westcliff University annually, which means unlimited opportunities to exchange cross-cultural experiences, new friends and new foreign languages.
  • Studying in the Czech Republic, the Czech language will be a good addition because of the regularly communicative environment with local people.
  • While staying in Prague, the whole of Europe will be available for travelling! The close and convenient locations of the countries of the European Union allow travelling a lot and on budget.

Westcliff University is included in the list of the leading institutions of higher education in Florida, which have experienced professional lecturers in the teaching staff.

Double Degree Czech Republic + Switzerland! 2 bachelor degrees in 3 years!

Two Bachelor Degrees in three years! Two European degrees in three years! The best education is now available for everyone: a unique Double Degree program «Czech Republic + Switzerland»! Become an international specialist in Business Administration and International Business in Hotel & Tourism Management!

Double Degree is an opportunity to:

  • Spend the first two years of study in one of the most visited cities in the world – Prague!
  • Study in one of the most beautiful places on earth – the Swiss Alps! In one of the best universities in Hotel & Tourism Management – Cezar Ritz Colleges.
  • Get a guaranteed paid internship with a salary of 2,100 euros/month under the leadership of the best professionals in Hotel & Tourism Management.
  • Gain relevant work experience in the world’s best hotels and learn how interesting and entertaining the management process is.
  • Get a unique experience in communicating with students worldwide and establish business relationships in the hospitality industry.
  • Learn at least three foreign languages ​​and practice them with native speakers during studying and internship.
  • Get two degrees in Business Administration and International Business in Hotel & Tourism Management and save time and up to 70% of your money!

100% of graduates find work right after graduation and build a successful career!

15 reasons to study the program of the future! ČZU (Czech Republic, Prague) + Westcliff University (USA, California)

If you had a chance to see the future and find out how your today’s decisions will affect your destiny, would you do that? Probably yes. But what if we tell you that with some decisions, you will no need for a magic ball because these decisions will definitely affect your life positively!

We have collected 15 reasons why the Double Degree Czech Republic + USA program will be a fateful decision that will change your life for the better forever.

  • For two years of study in the Czech Republic, thanks to a long-term student visa, you will have time to travel throughout Europe and get a lot of impressions!
  • Westcliff University in California is one of the best private business universities on the West Coast and one of the top three universities in Irvine.
  • Studying in the Czech Republic at the Czech University of Life Sciences in the specialty “Business Administration” is conducted in English, which means you can master special business vocabulary and basic knowledge already in Prague in order to bring your skills to perfection in future in the USA.
  • You will definitely be pleased with the warm Californian climate.
  • Irvine is located between Los Angeles and San Diego, which means you can visit such famous locations at any time.
  • Irvine ranks third in the list of the happiest cities to live in the United States according to WalletHub, and it is also considered one of the safest.ф
  • ČZU – Czech University of Life Sciences is famous for its Faculty of Economics, which is one of the best in the country.
  • The high quality of education in the Czech Republic makes the diplomas obtained here prestigious and recognized all over the world, and an additional positive moment for everyone will be the order of prices for living because in the Czech Republic everything is much cheaper than in other European countries.
  • Westcliff University has students from all over the world which means you will not only make new friends but also be able to learn many new cultures and languages!
  • In the Czech Republic, nature amazes with its riot of colors, a variety of landscapes and the beauty of reserved places that will not leave anyone indifferent.
  • The “Double Degree” program will allow you to get 2 full-fledged diplomas in 2 related specialties in just 3 years of study, instead of at least 6 years.
  • The program will allow you to live in 2 countries, on 2 different continents, while feeling comfortable and safe away from home, because we have connected 1 of the safest European countries with 1 of the safest cities in all of North America.
  • In the USA, California, you will live only 15 minutes from the beach!
  • Education received in the United States is considered the most prestigious in the world!
  • As a student, you will be able to take an active part in university internships and trainings absolutely free of charge.

Double Degree Czech Republic + Switzerland! Not a dream – new reality!

Do you see yourself having 2 degrees, a chance to live in 2 countries and visit many European cities? Speaking two or more foreign languages, getting new acquittances worldwide, and, most importantly, being in demand and competitive? Is it a Dream or Future Reality?

The International Union of Youth provides an opportunity for its implementation! We have developed a unique Double Degree «Czech Republic + Switzerland» program. In 3 years you will get 2 degrees in: «Business Administration», Prague (Czech Republic) and «International Hotel Management», Montreaux (Switzerland).

What advantages does this program provide?

  • Program is taught in English, which makes it possible to master the language and have a competitive advantage over other applicants;
  • Prague is one of the most international cities in Europe and provides an excellent opportunity to practice Czech, English, Spanish, German and other world languages;
  • Delightful resort town Montreux on the eastern shore of Lake Geneva is a true jewel of the Swiss Riviera. Snowy Alps, jazz festivals, cosy coffee shops and luxury hotels await you;
  • Prague and Montreux encourage you to immerse in the peculiarities of the culture of different countries;
  • Convenient geographical location of the Czech Republic and Switzerland opens all the borders for an unforgettable travel in Europe;
  • While studying, all students are guaranteed the opportunity to undergo a paid internship and gain relevant work experience in prominent international organizations, the best hotels and business projects with a strong reputation;
  • Participation in international job fairs;
  • Saving up to 70% on tuition for two years of study in the Czech Republic and a year in Switzerland.

Membership in the Swiss Education Group: Hotel Institute Montreux is a member of the best Swiss hospitality schools whose graduates demand worldwide.

CEZAR RITZ (Switzerland)

The professionals at César Ritz Colleges (Switzerland) set the highest standards when it comes to communicating within the hospitality industry and management. The College collaborates with top educational institutions in the UK and USA. The educational institution meets the high quality standards for which Swiss education is famous.

The College ranks among the world’s top 10 best universities in the hospitality industry.

Three-year bachelor’s degree graduates get a double diploma (Swiss and American), and Two-year master’s degree graduates get diplomas of Switzerland and the UK.

During their studies students learn several languages (French and German) and have an opportunity to develop their own business plan with the help of experienced tutors.

Future students have a chance to choose a town to study in, and get acquainted with the unique regional peculiarity of Swiss culture, as well as adjust to the mentality of European citizens.

The College has three campuses: Le Beuvre (French-speaking canton), Lucerne (German-speaking canton) and Bruges (German-speaking canton, where the Masters programmes are taught). In each region, students are provided with ideal study and leisure facilities, as well as the opportunity to participate in a variety of social, cultural and sporting activities for the students.

Strong partnerships with world leaders (Hyatt, Langham, Marriott, Swiss, Accor, etc.) ensure that all students can complete internships at famous hotels and restaurants around the world, earning a salary and later being offered jobs in luxury hotels and restaurants.

César Ritz Colleges follows the traditional philosophy of a legend in the hotel industry – César Ritz – and meets the highest standards of the modern hospitality industry.

Los Angeles is the city of angels

The cradle of the world film industry, the residence of the most famous people on the planet, the city of eternal holiday – you probably already guessed what place we are talking about? Of course, about Los Angeles. Do you know what is its main difference from other cities? Everyone who has been here at least once will never be able to forget this wonderful place. LA, as the residents themselves say in abbreviated form, is a multicultural center that combines phenomena that seem incongruous at first glance. Every day here take place hundreds of events that surprisingly intersect each other and create a single harmonious tandem that attracts tourists from all over the world.

Everything you wanted to know about Los Angeles.


Located in the state of California, Los Angeles is a curious phenomenon. Its landscape consists of mountains, oceanfront, pristine beaches, and a bustling, densely populated suburb. The diversity of the inhabitants, who are differ in nationality, religion, moral principles and life goals, is not at all surprising. Here on one street you can meet a young ambitious actor who has come to conquer Hollywood; a carefree hippie who prefers not to think about tomorrow and enjoys every minute; a modest student who studies hard and dreams of building a career on the IT field, or an unemployed person who prefers to receive benefits from the state. We can say that LA is a city of contrasts.

Los Angeles is home to world-famous attractions that everyone who has been here at least once must visit. Here are just a few of them.

Disneyland. This place needs no special introduction. A huge amusement park that has won millions of hearts not only for children, but also for adults. An unbelievable fabulous country in a real city.

Chinatown. Ethnic neighborhood, which is located in the very center. If you have long dreamed of visiting Asia without entering its territory, this is your chance. A very colorful place where you should pay special attention to the Buddhist temple and local restaurants.

Hollywood. The most important places of the city are concentrated here. Starting from the UniversaI film studio, which annually produces masterpieces of world cinema, and ending with the Walk of Fame and the Grauman Theater.

Traveler is haunted by the thought that there will always be something that he has not yet seen. And so it is. The thirst for wandering constantly drives you forward, forcing you to climb into the most amazing places on the planet. But Los Angeles is undoubtedly is the place worth visiting.

Things you didn’t know about Germany

Living in Germany may seem like a fairy tale from the outside: famous musical, film and beer festivals, stunning architecture, unbelievable views, mild and soft climate and well-known German quality. And in reality it is a fairy tale! Germany is one of the countries emigrants consider for living in the first place.

As any place Germany has its unique cultural characteristics. For example, Germans are well-known as law-abiding, punctual, rational and hard-working people who prefer to see around people with similar values and style of life especially to immigrants and students.

What makes life in Germany so special?

First of all, Germany is well-known by very high standards of living: everything is aimed to make citizen’s life save, calm and comfortable. Germans value stability and government gives people opportunity not to be worries of tomorrow thanks to sound economic management. All changes are gratefully supported by residents and all modernisations level up country on world politician arena.

Sounds idilic and mostly it is despite some diffeculties could appear. Integrated approach and friendly environment help to find right decisions and cope with difficulties.

Let’s not forget about healthy German pedantry helping keep everything in order: clean streets, equipped playgrounds and well-established rules of behavior in society.

One more positive moment – studying in Germany in state universities is free for everyone who knows language at a decent level.

Advantages of living in Germany:

  • Safety and high standards of living;
  • Positive environmental situation;
  • Good prices for groceries and clothes;
  • Friendly and welcoming society;

Best cities to live in Germany

Everyone’s requests for perfect city is different and you definitely should choose what suits you better but there are still some objective demands for comfortable living space.

Munich is a beautiful Bavarian city with highest salaries and great career opportunities but thereby higher rent prices and communal costs.

Hamburg is a German’s industrial center. City is defined by developed infrastructure and transport connection (including marine transport) and here you could easily build successful career.

Dresden is well known by lower rent prices and developed entertainment industry. The city is one of the most comfortable for living and in Dresden always take place major cultural events.

Frankfurt am Main is German’s educational center, here are located the big state universities and research and development centers. City distinguished by soft and mild climate higher salaries and lack of difficulties in job searching.

Lincoln University

Lincoln University is one of the most popular and prestigious educational institutions in the U.S. Founded in 1919 in sunny San Francisco, the financial giants’ hub, the university started enrolling international students in the 1960s-1970s as the demand for business education had been increasingly growing. With successful administration and its focus on achieving high goals, the university far surpassed other educational institutions in quality of the studies and, consequently, started having top positions in university rankings.

The university graduates become committed professionals. They are ready to solve any task since their studies focus on the practice approach. The result is high employability in the labor market and lack of any difficulties getting a job. Moreover, during their studies with the university, students might ask for the career department’s consultative or consider internship options. That is how many students already find their future employers during their studies.

Lincoln University offers bachelor’s, master’s degree, and doctorate programs. Its curricula are built so that in addition to essential theoretical knowledge, students could complement their study program with optional courses from the list, were capable of using that in practice, and had well-developed critical thinking.

Throughout their studies, students have opportunities to grow physically, mentally, and culturally. Professional mentors and coaches, participation in different activities, both athletic and creative, help students streamline both soft and hard skills. Sports, Creative, and Mentor departments are there to help the students.

The educational institution is also part of international educational projects. One of them is the Double Degree. It allows students to study with the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague for two years. Then they go to the Lincoln University for their third graduation year.

What advantages does the Double Degree program have?

  • First of all, members of this program get a unique chance to acquire both American and European higher education in only three years; It is an opportunity of a lifetime to spend time on the two continents in two great cities of the world.
  • The Double Degree program is a warranty of quality education and prestige that students get. Graduates of the program are among the most wanted employees. Indeed, they have U.S. and EU diplomas. Those open unlimited opportunities to them, which helps graduates bring their business ideas to life with ease or get a job in almost every part of the world.
  • Double Degree graduates get two majors and two bachelor’s degrees at a time, and those perfectly complement each other! In Czech University of Life Sciences, students study all the basic aspects of business administration, acquire fundamental knowledge in economics and management. In turn, the studies at Lincoln University give the students practice skills in the business universe and open up the nuances of doing successful business.
  • Students are welcome to embrace the opportunity of taking part in internships and training sessions provided by universities. Additionally, during their studies in the Czech Republic (Czech University of Life Sciences), students can participate in student exchange program.

Berlin: The City of Contrasts

Berlin, the capital of Germany, is one of the most unusual and attractive European towns. Everything here—from small grocery stores through public transport stations and street lights to the architecture of museums, park landscapes, the grandeur of business centers—is made for admiration and amusement. You can definitely see its identity here. The first thing that comes to your mind when you are in Berlin is that everything here is to please people and make their lives better.

Although even today there are clear signs of the time when Berlin was divided into two parts, this city is still one of the most developed and comfortable moving destinations. It is interesting to watch this phenomenon anyway. Take West Berlin. It is an authentic European classic. You can feel the atmosphere of fresh perspective, unconventional solutions, and an innovative spirit here. West Berlin is home to most of the world-known sights and monuments. It is the site for all sorts of cultural and entertainment events. Moreover, this part of the city has the most diverse population.

East Berlin is strikingly different. Your first time here, you have the feeling that you’ve already seen all that so many times. For the Eastern part of the city, standard solutions are a common feature better seen in industrial construction. Life here is cheaper than in West Berlin. However, people who live here are a little different, too. Blue collars and students with limited financial resources choose East Berlin for living.

Set that contrast aside, it is still one city. And both its parts have one thing in common, which is also very German of them. It is quality. Good roads, fair prices, affordable medicine and education – what else does a person need for a stable and comfortable life?

Everyday life in Berlin is a slow-paced and calm habitual circular motion. You won’t find the turmoil and energy that most European capitals offer. Locals look rather content and friendly.

Deciding to live for some time in this city, you should know for sure what you are going to do there. The easy way is to enter one of the local universities or come on a student exchange program. Of course, Germans are the world’s notorious red-tapers, and you have to collect quite many documents. However, when you have a permit, you can enjoy Berlin to the fullest and legally.

University Canada West

University Canada West is a famous private Canadian university located in the heart of Downtown Vancouver. The university was founded in 2004 by Dr David Strong, an experienced scientist and academician who proclaimed himself the First President of University Canada West. He aimed to prepare tomorrow’s leaders and young professionals to compete in Business.

Today, University Canada West is ready to offer a wide range of courses and programs to potential applicants and inspire future successful leaders. The university’s primary goal is to provide skills and knowledge for career advancement, professional growth and employment in Canada and worldwide through the practice and affordable, well-designed academic programs.

The main programs of University Canada West are Bachelor of Commerce (BCom), Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication (BA) and Master of Business Administration (MBA). Students may pursue studies online or face-to-face, or combine both forms. Through flexible and well-conceived academic programs, students can accelerate the learning process and receive a UCW undergraduate degree in two and a half years and an MBA degree in a year – a notable feature of a Canadian university.

The university is also part of the unique Double Degree program. Students study Business Administration for the first two years in the Czech Republic (Prague) and Commerce for the third year at University Canada West, thus receiving two degrees.

In addition to the above two programs in Business Administration, the Canadian university offers several programs to prepare graduates of universities and schools. For example, graduates from schools in some countries must complete an additional training program before starting the main course of the Bachelor’s program. The content and duration of the foundation program may also depend on the student’s English level and GPA.

The Master of Business Administration program was designed for knowledge improvement and practical and management skills obtaining.  Moreover, the program is suitable for graduates, including Master’s programs, from universities that don’t have sufficient experience in Business.

University Canada West has academic groups of 15 to 20 people. The small campus is located in the very heart of Vancouver.

The Czech Republic is not only the center of Europe, but also the center of international students

Higher education in the Czech Republic is prestigious, affordable and very interesting! Foreign students, along with Czechs, are given a wonderful opportunity to enter the university of their own choice and get a degree they like. What is the advantage of studying in the Czech Republic? The fact that the diploma will be of an international level, and a graduate of any Czech higher educational institution will be welcomed with open arms in almost any country in the world. And if it is a double degree diploma, then the chances of success are equal to one hundred percent. That is why thousands of young people every year are vigorous to take the entrance exams in order to study and live in this beautiful country.

What areas are most in demand? In fact, it is rather difficult to single out one thing. Almost everyone is in demand.

The percentage of those who prefer to obtain the medical education in the Czech Republic is quite large. It is easier to enter a Czech university and master a particular medical profession than in another country, and the quality of knowledge is at a very high level. Medical faculties have excellent equipment represented by the large classrooms, comfortable libraries with huge archives and anatomical museums. Maximum practice is the basic rule for medical students.

The University of Economics and Business in Prague is also very popular among students. This institution is part of the international union, which includes the best economic universities around the world.

There are a lot of universities, and there are even more students who want to study there. Because the Czech Republic is a very beautiful, historically rich country with long-term traditions and foundations. The stunning forests, meadows and mountains are more like a natural reserve created by nature itself. It’s no wonder these wonderful places attract international students. For them, this is a good opportunity to gain interesting experience and exchange knowledge not only at the educational, but also at the everyday life and cultural level.

The Czech Republic is a friendly country that shows a sincere interest in everyone interested in the Czech education and additional knowledge along with invaluable experience, which is why many universities provide exchange programs (for international students).

So, for example, the Erasmus, Erasmus + programs are perfect if you are an ordinary student looking for a chance to study in another country during your studies in the Czech Republic.

Westcliff University

Young people studying in the Czech Republic are enthusiastic about the educational process and student life in general. However, they do not miss the chance to somehow expand their horizons, learn as much new as possible, and participate in unusual events. That is why numerous academic programs that provide an opportunity to receive two education at the same time are so popular.

One of the most popular among students is considered to be a double diploma obtained during the continuation of the program and study in the United States, after two years of study in the Czech Republic. And you can understand why. The educational system in the United States is rather unusual and somewhat different from the European one, but at the same time it gives very good knowledge in a variety of, including quite rare, areas. That is why the largest Czech universities and some US universities have an agreement. Among them is Westcliff University, which is located in sunny California. The most convenient climate for a comfortable life and the mass of opportunities that the States provide to visitors make Westcliff University attractive to young people.

Founded in 1993, despite its young age, Westcliff University has already earned a reputation as a serious institution that produces specialists in the field of business administration, management, market research, engineering, programming and IT.

For students wishing to study at this institution, it is required to pass a specialized test that confirms the level of proficiency in English. Training is underway in bachelor’s and master’s degrees, in addition there are continuing education courses.

Westcliff graduates have the opportunity to undergo an internship and later get a job in large corporations with a worldwide reputation, such as Google, Tesla, Bank of America. Everyone finds what they like best. The US diploma is in demand all over the world and gives its holder the right to take it from the best places in the labor market. Therefore, at Westcliff University, disruptive people are very much appreciated who go without turning along the intended path in order to reach as great heights as possible.

Swiss Education Group

Studying in Europe in our time is no longer a special privilege. This is a completely achievable goal, which, of course, may require some effort to achieve, but nothing is impossible. But what advantages does a young specialist with a US diploma or who received an education in Switzerland have over others? At the same time, it is not necessary to pass the entrance tests at the university whose diploma is going to be obtained. How is this possible?

This is possible thanks to the academic program, the main goal of which is simultaneous continuous studying at two universities in different countries at once. After completing the course, a double diploma is issued, which confirms the existence of education in two specialties at once. This is an incredible opportunity to find a prestigious workplace as fast as possible, become a specialist and do what you really love, at the same time at the international level.

One of the most popular ways to get a double diploma is the following one. The student starts to obtain higher education in the Czech Republic, studies for two years, and on the third year he/she goes to the beautiful Switzerland to continue the educational process there. Thus, at the end, he has two educations at once. During studying, each student passes a paid internship in a reputable company. These are great opportunities for the future.

Swiss Education Group – is the main partner of many higher education institutions around the world. In the Czech Republic, this is the Czech Agrarian University, where students pass the first 2 years of study under the double diploma program.

  • Swiss Education Group is an educational group that includes several higher institutions that provide studying in the most popular specialties in the field of hotel business, business management and economics. A little bit about each of them.
  • Cesar Ritz Colleges. This college graduates specialists in tourism and hotel management, banking and financial economics. They like creative-minded people who respect innovative approaches to standard situations.
  • Hotel Institute Montreux. World-class academic programs in hotel management, business administration.
  • Swiss Hotel Management School. This institution presents specialties that are in demand in the international hotel business, event management and design management.
  • Culinary Arts Academy. One of the best culinary schools in the world, whose graduates have a chance to get a good high-paying place in the restaurant business or start their own business.

The education received in Switzerland is appreciated all over the world. Its picturesque landscapes, high standard of living and the opportunity to meet the most influential people of this world will make your stay in it unforgettable!

The benefits of living in two countries

The double degree academic program is very popular and opens up new horizons for its owner.

A double degree program is an exclusive right to receive a good education abroad, which guarantees a high standard of living and provides an opportunity to live in two countries at once. And if you are young, purposeful and always wanted to live, for example, in the States, why not try to get a US diploma? It’s easier than you think! It is enough for you just to enter a university that has the United States as its partners, apply some patience and effort, and your dream will come true!

Living in two countries has its benefits. If we talk about a temporary stay in another country and the opportunity to return to it, the following positive points are noted:

  • emotional diversity, the opportunity to visit the most interesting places, soaking in the atmosphere and flavor of another culture;
  • a lot of impressions thanks to your own mind and resourcefulness;
  • a chance to establish international relations, as well as business management remotely;
  • change of environment and climate;
  • no need to deal with long organizational issues.

It is possible to obtain a second citizenship under certain conditions. And these are completely different perspectives.
Many countries put forward the condition of continuous residence for a certain amount of time in order to obtain a passport. This is a real chance for an exchange student. Get an education and then find the actual application of your knowledge. You can work for several years and have dual citizenship in your pocket. With dual citizenship, you can feel like a truly free person. Even if you have the citizenship of a certain country which is included, for example, in the Schengen zone or has special agreements with other countries, you have every right to freely cross the borders. Just imagine how many possibilities you have! And if for some reason you want to settle in one place, you can do it without any problems.

And all this thanks to a special student program that is available to everyone. And if you want to study as an exchange student specifically in the United States, then the double degree program is available in such educational institutions as Lincoln University, Westcliff University and many others.

Let your diploma help build a special life for you!

Learning two foreign languages as a key to new opportunities

The bigger, the better! This rule can be applied to everything related to understanding of the environment and self-development. Why not focus on learning foreign languages? Nowadays, knowledge of foreign languages opens up significantly more opportunities for creative and professional development; helps to feel comfortable in almost any country; helps out in difficult times. That is why studying in Europe is an amazing chance to learn new languages at the highest level. For this, there is nothing more useful and better than living and receiving education in another country.

The Czech Republic is the undoubted leader in this regard. It is the very country where thousands of applicants come to get a prestigious education in and at the same time learn the language.

Learning the Czech language in the Czech Republic is an admittedly successful choice, because the process moves much faster with having a lot of practice of language in a local environment. In addition, you will have the access to the free education at public universities in the Czech Republic.

If you plan to study in English in the future, dream to learn German, French or another language of interest to you, then in this case there are interesting options for you in the Czech Republic. After completing the language course and entering the university, each student can choose optional courses to study from the offered ones, among which there will certainly be foreign languages.

It is worth mentioning the rich international student environment in which you can easily actually use and thus practice the languages you are learning.

This knowledge will be an additional bonus for each student if they wish to participate in the exchange programs that are offered by almost every university, which will also expand the possibilities of choosing a partner university and country for exchange and will become the key to new opportunities. For example, the most famous exchange programs: Erasmus, Erasmus +, Erasmus Mundus, IAESTE, etc.

Undoubtedly, another option for studying foreign languages are double degree programs in the Czech Republic – this is not just a chance to learn languages, but actually a mandatory requirement, because the student’s ability to do a paid practice in foreign companies or anywhere abroad depends on this.

To summarize all the benefits of foreign languages, I would like to highlight the main facts:

  • This is the right to study at the best universities in the Czech Republic and in Europe as a whole, as well as in the world – University Canada West, Westcliff, Lincoln University, International University of Applied Sciences, London South Bank University and many others;
  • Prospects for great career growth and international connections with the necessary, important and interesting people;
  • An advantage over other applicants for a prestigious position in a well-known company;
  • Convenience of obtaining new information, sometimes inaccessible to those who do not speak a foreign language;
  • A chance to understand another culture and mentality more deeply, get a source of inspiration from this and reveal your creative and spiritual potential.

New languages are great and interesting, and also very useful for a person who strives for new discoveries and takes the future seriously and responsibly.

Benefits of a double degree in the modern world

Higher education in the Czech Republic is appreciated at its true value in the international labor market and, therefore, is in great demand among young people around the world.

Studying in the Czech Republic in English opens up great prospects for a student both with further employment and right in the educational process itself. For example, these prospects are open for students participating in programs like Double Degree, which implies obtaining two higher education degrees from different universities at once.

Currently, one of the most popular and convenient places for obtaining a double degree is the Czech University of Life Sciences, which has an agreement with a number of world famous universities and organizations, such as the Swiss Education Group – specialized Swiss educational institutions that produce professionals in the tourism sector as well as restaurant and hotel business managers.

And that’s not all. Here are a few more foreign partner universities that provide special programs for students from the Czech Republic who are considering the prospects of obtaining a double degree:

USA – Lincoln University. A number of state educational institutions that make the emphasis on the researches. University includes the College of Science, College of Art, College of Social Sciences and International Business School.

USA – Westcliff. University in California, offering educational courses and programs in the areas of jurisprudence, education, business management and IT.

Canada – University Canada West. Located in beautiful and picturesque Vancouver, it is a privately held, non-profit organization that offers all those interested students to pursue bachelor’s and master’s degrees in management and business.

Germany – International University of Applied Sciences. An international college with an interesting educational structure and state accreditation, which offers more than 150 programs in the fields of marketing, logistics, economics, pedagogy and psychology, architecture, IT, media and much more.

Great Britain – London South Bank University. The university is located in the heart of London, which makes it possible to closely cooperate with various companies that are happy to employ graduates. Teaching at this university takes place according to a program that is personalized for each student.

These areas are in great demand and are highly developed in advanced countries. And getting an education within such programs automatically improves the CV and gives a chance to get the desired position without much effort and in the shortest possible time.

With a double degree diploma program, you have many advantages. Want to know which ones?

  • You are given a completely unique opportunity to master two professions at once, which significantly increases your value in the labor market and, accordingly, your chances of finding a well-paid job in a prestigious company.
  • Moreover, education takes place at the same time. You no longer need to spend a few more years to get a second or third higher education. You make everything in time!
  • This is a good chance to visit countries with the highest living standards. Often, education takes place in the following form – first you enter and study at a university in the Czech Republic, and in the following years you continue your studies in the country where the partner University of your educational institution is represented. USA, Canada, England, Switzerland, Germany – you have every opportunity to live and study in these wonderful countries!
  • In addition, you are given the opportunity to perfectly master a foreign language and improve communication skills. By establishing communication and connections in a completely different language environment, over time you will notice how high your level is.

That is, a double degree diploma is an indicator that you received a prestigious and highly-demanded education abroad and it is a guarantee of a comfortable life. Don’t miss your special chance in this life, choose the right educational institutions!